Play Games with Finding the Hidden Picture

Online Hidden Object games for  iPhone and Android devicesAre you stressed at work or at school? Do you relax when playing games online? Today we will offer you several variants of games, which relax your mind and help you improve your mental activity.

Lots of children are eager to learn more and the games that have elements of mathematics are suitable for relaxing the mind after a hard school day, for example.
Can you find the differences between the two pictures? The main point in these games is to be quick and smart. A closed eye, different hairstyle, various objects, hidden in boxes and much more.
That is why you can play games which offer you to find out what kind of picture is hidden behind the puzzle.
The games of the type Find the objects are also in this category and are really suitable for people who work under great pressure and stress.
Instead of using stress ball, you can feel free to play such games for 15 – 20 minutes...

Awakening: The Skyward Castle

The Aviary Entrance

A hidden object game of the quest variety, Awakening: The Skyward Castle offers pretty graphics in a fairytale fantasy style, beautiful scenery – a castle fallen in disrepair with gardens, armory, secret caves, a windmill, barracks and courtyards. Read more…